A Minkowski Theorem for Quasicrystals

The aim of this paper is to generalize Minkowski’s theorem. This theorem is usually stated for a centrally symmetric convex body and a lattice both included in R^n. In some situations, one may replace the lattice by a more general set for which a notion of density exists. In this paper, we prove a Minkowski theorem for quasicrystals, which bounds from below the frequency of differences appearing in the quasicrystal and belonging to a centrally symmetric convex body. The last part of the paper is devoted to quite natural applications of this theorem to Diophantine approximation and to discretization of linear maps.

Référence Bibliographique: 
Pierre-Antoine Guihéneuf and Emilien Joly, A Minkowski Theorem for Quasicrystals, Discrete Comput Geom (2017)
Pierre-Antoine Guihéneuf, Emilien Joly